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Free Labor & Tax Compliance Evaluation
I help small businesses stay in compliance with local and federal tax and labor laws.
Are you accruing PTO correctly to comply with local and state laws?

Have you registered as compliant with Oregon Saves?

Are you correctly accounting for local transit taxes?

Do you have complete and easily accessible employee records?

Do you have an updated employee handbook & job descriptions?

Is your employee personal information secure from hackers?

Do you wonder if you're paying too much for payroll processing, workers comp, timekeeping?

Interested in offering employee health benefits but not sure how?

Give me a call, shoot me an email or text and let's connect to get you up to speed on the ever-changing rules and potential opportunities to reduce employee turnover.  Getting a labor complaint, tax notice, or unemployment claim is not just a matter of "if" it ever happens to your business - it's "when."

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phone: (503) 679-7851
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