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OEO Energy Solutions

OEO Energy Solutions



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Turn Your Lights On... Without Breaking the Bank!

Special Offer Exclusively for Tigard Chamber Members: Thanks to the Oregon Electric Utility's sustainability initiative, we're offering LED Tubes at just $.50 and LED fixtures for outdoor or warehouse needs at $1.00!

Order your new lights in just two minutes:

Why Join the LED Lighting Revolution?
- Massive Savings: Upgrade to LED and cut your energy costs drastically.
- Be Part of the Change: Join the ranks of satisfied members, including the Tigard-Tualatin School District, who have already switched to total LED lighting.
- Sustainable Future: Embrace energy efficiency and contribute to a greener planet.

?? Don’t Miss Out ??
You're not just upgrading your lights; you're joining a movement. Imagine your office, warehouse, or retail space brilliantly lit, yet consuming far less energy. This is your chance to not only save on costs but also to be a part of a sustainable future. Your fellow Tigard members are already enjoying the benefits – don’t let your business be left in the dark!

?? Learn More From Fellow Chamber Member, Tia from OEO:
[Video Link Coming Soon] - Watch Tia discuss the incredible benefits


OEO LED Upgrade
OEO LED Upgrade
OEO LED Upgrade