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Pinnacle Wellness Center


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About Us

Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic specializing in chronic and acute pain due to sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, arthritis, and repetitive movements or activities that have lead to pain. I also specialize in women’s health, digestive health, and stress relief. I believe it is important to work with you as an individual, making changes that are reasonable and sustainable to meet your individual health goals.

I offer a variety of therapeutics that I use in combination with acupuncture, including Chinese herbs, Shiatsu and Tuina massage, nutrition coaching, Cupping therapy, Moxa, and qigong teachings.

I combine my Nutrition Science background with my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Nutrition when working with patients. You have probably heard the common saying “you are what you eat”. You literally are what you eat. Your body breaks down the food you eat to utilize for energy and to build cells for your body. Eating healthy nutritious foods that are good for your individual body will improve your health.


Whitney Green, Lac, Dipl.OM, MAcOM